The Example Package

This really is exactly that, an example. Its purpose is to give you a guideline figure for the cost of the work that we do. When quoting we tend to use the example package as a starting point and adjust it according to the individual needs of the client.

  • Twelve square metres of tongue & groove flooring.
  • MDF hinged hatch door fabricated to fit the existing hatch opening
  • Two part, lightweight loft ladder
  • Pendant light fitting & switch

Flooring fixed directly to joistwork - £650.00 including VAT and fitting

Flooring fixed to 100mm bearers - £750.00 including VAT & fitting

In most cases we will raise the floor level by fixing 100mm bearers, lay a layer of 100mm insulation or relay any existing insulation. We will then fix timber floor boards or 2.4m x 0.6m Flooring grade panels. (As fitted in all new build properties). Which material we use will depend on the features of the individual loft. If a customer has a particular preference for one or the other then we are happy to accommodate that choice.


Most customers choose to floor a section of the loft in the centre where there is most height.


The floorboards are fixed using a pneumatic nail gun, which eliminates any percussion thereby reducing the possibility of plaster plugs being knocked out on the ceiling below. The panels are screwed to the bearers which in turn are screwed into the existing joistwork

The MDF door will be fitted to the existing hatch opening and a twist catch fitted to secure it in the closed position. All the ladders include a stow pole which is used to operate the twist catch.

The light will be wired from the lighting circuit of the ceiling below and the switch will be situated close to hand inside the loft near the hatch way.

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