Access Ladders

A crucial part of any loft solution. We offer a wide range of ladders.

The standard two part ladder 2 part ladder

Included in the Example Package, this is a serviceable and popular ladder being British Standard kite marked. It is a light use ladder with a 150kg (23.6 stone) safe working load. It is manually operated but has a "yoke" style guide that keeps it on line while stowing or deploying. The hand rail depicted is now standard at no further charge.

The supplied stow pole is used to hook the bottom rung of the ladder, pulling the stow pole will tilt the ladder and allow it to slide through the fixing tilt – brackets. The two sections can then be unlocked and the ladder deployed. This ladder will fit in homes with a height from the floor in the loft to the floor below of up to 2.66m

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page last updated: 26/01/2024

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