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High Impact Polystyrene (uPVC style) Hatch Unit

In place of the MDF door we can re-size the hatch aperture and fit the HIP hatch unit. This usually means increasing the size of the existing opening. The dimensions of the HIP opening are 726mm x 562mm. The unit has a 45mm pencil rounded architrave and is draft proofed where it meets the ceiling.

The hatch door is draft proofed where it meets the frame and it has a 50mm layer of polystyrene insulation. The door is also removable which gives a little more room if an object is a tight squeeze. The hatch door is secured by a flush fitting twist catch that operates a lever style lock in the centre of the door and two bolts out to the sides. The stowing pole that’s used for the ladders will open & close the hatch door.

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page last updated: 26/01/2024

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